Shoppable Video Examples - 2023

Oct 16, 2023
Ben Russell

Shoppable video is undeniably the rising start of e-commerce experiences in 2023. From shoppable video ads, shoppable video on social platforms or shoppable video on e-commerce stores themselves, it’s everywhere. It's a huge part of the social commerce that Shopify think is going to be the most important piece of marketing for brands for the next 5 years.

Modern consumers love video. Seriously, they love it. It’s immensely engaging, and shows products in their true light. Using video not only enables you to show products, but to tell a story too. Brand stories, design and product background, customers stories - all of it is best told through video.

Benefits of shoppable video

The days of static text and images are starting to feel like a distant memory. Every single top brand in the world is investing in video due to the clear benefits. Across global CMOs, on average marketing budget is 10% of annual revenue. 30% of that marketing budget is being used on video according to Statista.

Shoppable video has been shown to be incredibly effective. Wirewax, the video startup purchased by Vimeo suggests that 41% of viewers add products to their cart as a result of shoppable videos, and they been proven to increase purchase intent by 9x.

The Mechanics of Shoppable Videos

Shoppable video works by bringing the products being shown in the video into the video experience as clickable elements so products can be explored and purchased straight from the video. This might be on a social platform or it could be directly on the store.

Lets take a look at shoppable video examples on some of the biggest social platforms, and then look at shoppable video by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Example One - SEFI

SEFI is the activewear brand by Stef Williams that has grown rapidly in the past couple of years. One of the big things they focus on as a brand is video content of Stef and their community in their clothes. This provides great lifestyle and fashion inspiration to their customer base. By bringing that experience into their store, they’ve been able to increase conversion by bringing a far more engaging experience to the store and to give a much better idea to their customers of how their clothes actually look, how they fit, sit and how they can style them together.

SEFI customers have watched over 20k videos with conversion rates as high as 21%.

This was all added to their Shopify store without any code using Clipara.

Example Two - Feiyu Tech

Feiyu Tech specializes in creating stabilization equipment and cameras. Their product lineup includes various gimbals for mobile phones, DSLRs, and action cameras, along with specialized cameras like the Feiyu Pocket series which have built-in stabilization features.

Their video cover a range of topics primarily aimed at showcasing the features and capabilities of their products. These videos include quick setup guides, function and mode introductions, and tutorials on how to use their products effectively for different shooting scenarios. As well as the more serious content, they also use videos of customers having fun with their products to provide great social proof of others loving the products.

They've implemented Clipara recently, adding stories to their product pages like the example below.

This was setup in less than 30 minutes using Clipara. If you'd like a similar experience on your store, you can get started with Clipara for free.

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Example 3 - Alo Yoga & Instagram

From this reel on instagram shows Alo Yoga ambassador and Alo Moves instructor, Ashley Galvin working out in an Alo Yoga outfit. The content itself is engaging to their target audience, show’s impressive Yoga skills, and the ambassador looks great in the outfit. It hits all sorts of marketing gold. Using behaviours and content their audience immediately associate with incredible social proof and a desire to be just like the person in the video (in their Alo outfit). Just take a look at a couple of the comments from the video.

But not only that, the interactive shoppable video means that the customer can click a button to see the exact outfit she’s wearing, see more details, then go straight to the product page to make the purchase on the Alo Yoga website.

Example 4 - TikTok Made Me Buy It

Now let’s take a look at the TikTok platform. TikTok is pushing big on shoppable video, and has now rolled out it’s TikTok shopping logistics services in the United States and the UK, meaning they now have a FBA style competitor. Many products sold directly on TikTok or slightly cheaper, viral and impulse purchases items. Like the handy dish dryer in this video.

What makes this example so great? The speed and ease of watching the content to having the exact product from the video in your basket in just a few clicks. It’s very seamless, then simply checkout and get the product delivered. Video > Add Product > Checkout > Done. You don’t even need to navigate away to other pages or websites. Reducing the number of pages and clicks can dramatically improve conversion.

Example 5 - Nike x Hypebae - Choose your journey

Lets Take a Look at this quite high budget interactive shoppable video experience from Nike x Hypebae.

This is quite some level of production, but the choose your own adventure style of the video can lead to very high engagement.

Here were some stats shared by Wirewax on that campaign:

  • 73% of all people that watched the video interacted with the Nike x Hypebae experience
  • 4x interactions per active viewer
  • 68% of all viewers spent up to 2 minutes on average exploring

Impressive stats aren't they! Just goes to show the power of video.

What can we learn from the best examples of Shoppable Video

There are a few key components to successful shoppable video campaigns:

  • Use videos that are a mix between showing off your products and entertaining your customers
  • Use video to amplify social proof with people your customers can relate to or desire to be like
  • Add interactions that make it simple to explore the products in the video
  • Have as few clicks as possible from watching the video to making the purchase

How to make shoppable video experiences of your own

With Clipara, you can easily add shoppable video to your own store in a matter of minutes. The benefits of doing that are clear, people will enjoy spending time on your site, spend longer on your site, and convert at a higher rate.

Getting started with Clipara is incredibly simple. You can pull videos from Instagram, TikTok or YouTube or upload your own, then link your products to the videos. Embedding to your store takes a few minutes, and you can create specific collections for your homepage, each product page and landing pages.

You can get started for free today. Sign up now.

The future of Shoppable Video

Every leading brand in the world is investing heavily in creating unique video content. Either their own content, influencers, ambassadors or encouraging customers to add fuel to the fire too. The continued rise of platforms like Instagram and TikTok means customers are expecting video to be a bigger part of online experiences. If you aren't using video, you're not delivering the experience your customers expect and they're likely to shop with competitors instead.


There's never been a better time implement your shoppable video strategy. If you're already investing in video for your social channels, bring that fun, engaging experience to your store today. You'll rapidly start to see the benefits of doing so.

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