Up to 3x visitors time site

Up to 200% conversion boost

Instant return on investment

From 1 to 1,000+ pages.
Without Code.
Get fully customised campaigns running in a matter of minutes.
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Works with all other site builders and custom built websites

Video integrations

A full screen, immersive experience on mobile

Have a scroll, you know you want to.

A full screen, immersive experience on mobile

Have a scroll, you know you want to.

With integrated shopping for e-commerce

Make purchases directly from videos

Embed anywhere, endlessly customisable

Craft experiences unique to your brand without any code and distribute at scale across your website, blog and marketing all through the Clipara dashboard.
Single Embed

Customise it all

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Bring it to your customers

Increase engagement, reach and conversion of your marketing efforts with your video content by sending branded, interactive video collections using Clipara shareable links. Perfect for newsletters, drops, abandoned carts and much more.

Analyse and optimise

Track engagement and conversions, test content and drive value for your business with comprehensive video and campaign analytics.

Built for performance

Use video without slowing down your site, and deliver a great experience for customers across devices.
Lazy loading
Small scripts
Connection optimised streaming

Don't just take it from us

Tom Davies

Head of Marketing

Our email engagement was much higher when we used Clipara. We had customers messaging us saying they enjoyed the content and we saw them sharing it with others too.

Such a game changer for our e-mail campaigns.

Liam Baldock

Content Lead

We ran some tests using Clipara video collections and immediately saw results. We've completely replaced Vimeo now. The format is just so much engaging and far more flexible than traditional video providers.

Jack Neiderer


We brought our content from Instagram and TikTok into our buying journey across the site, newsletters and abandoned cart emails and saw conversion fly up.

Very happy to have discovered Clipara.

Case Studies

Shoppable Video
Sell more products with immersive video shopping experiences that drive customers to action and generates more sales.
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One simple solution

Easy embedding

Add immersive multi-video experiences across as many pages as you want with one simple integration, in a matter of minutes. You can make edits to your campaigns and update videos all from the dashboard. No coding required.
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Smooth, mobile first experience

Leading video technology with no impact on site load speed and streaming optimised for device and connection.
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Complete customisation & branding

Use the visual editor to craft your own experience in keeping with your brand.
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Share links in email, SMS & QR codes to multi-video experiences for product launches, news and more.
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Detailed Analytics

Track performance of videos, test content and drive value for your business.
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Branding and customisation

Format the player and experience to suit your brand and add your own logo.

Check out some examples:

Integrate in less than 3 minutes then add videos to any page on your site straight from Clipara.

Works with all site builders

Why add Clipara videos to your site?

An experience people love

Video engages customers 10x more than any other content.

Convert more customers

Generate more revenue with your best content.

Boost engagement

Increase time on site to boost SEO and gain customers.
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A full set of features to take your videos to the next level

Powerful video widgets - no code required
Embed in SMS and email campaigns
Calls to action on videos
Easily add new videos to pages from your dashboard. No code.
Embed video anywhere in any aspect ratio
Zero ads. Ever.
Customisable video player
Detailed analytics on your video campaigns

How it works

Sign up

Create an account on Clipara and quickly add to your site head or no-code tool.

Upload a video

Upload a video to your dashboard and customise the look of your campaign.

Add it to any page

Tell us where you want the video to appear on your site or embed in SMS & email campaigns.
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Can I upload my own videos?

Absolutely. You can get videos directly from Instagram, TikTok or YouTube and you can also upload your own content straight from your computer.

Do I need to know how to code?

Thankfully, no! You can integrate our script with your store, then it's just about simple copy and pasting into the page template you would like to add videos to.

Will it slow down my site?

No. Our top priority is high performance for your website. Use as much video as you like without creating a slow website.

Pricing Plans

14 Day Free Trial
+ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If after 30 days on a paid plan you aren't seeing a return on your investment we'll refund you the full amount (seriously, it's that good).
Free/ mo
500 video plays /mo
5 videos
All you need to start converting more with video. Perfect for small sites.
Unlimited campaigns
Interactive embedded video
Add your own logo
Select Plan
$20/ mo
2,500 video plays /mo
20 videos
Perfect for new brands just getting started.
Unlimited campaigns
Add your own logo
Interactive embedded video
Select Plan
Most popular
$250/ mo
50,000 video plays /mo
250 videos
For growing brands looking for complete control.
Unlimited campaigns
Remove Clipara logo
Dedicated support & strategy help
Sharing link domain white label
Interactive embedded video
Select Plan
Additional views on paid plans are billed monthly at $7 per 1,000 additional views.
Enterprise needs?
For unlimited plays & uploads, premium strategy support, complete customisation and much more, get in touch.
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14 Day Free Trial
Enterprise needs?
For unlimited plays & uploads, premium strategy support, complete customisation and much more, get in touch.
Contact Sales

Pricing coming soon

We're currently in Beta, sign up now whilst it's free!
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Pricing coming soon

We're currently in Beta, sign up now whilst it's free!
Get early access