A 9.1% increase in conversion by implementing shoppable video UGC across their site with Clipara.

Meet Submerge

Submerge is an ice bath retailer based in Austria, selling portable ice baths across Europe.

Their ice baths have a number of benefits like improved recovery and performance; stronger immune system; reduced anxiety and better sleep;and enhanced metabolism and weight loss.

Submerge create their own video content in their marketing team, as well as gathering video content from their customers, and their Wim Hof influencer and instructor network. They had a huge bank of engaging video content that shows off the quality and sturdiness of the product, it's ease of use, and delivers a good dose of social proof. Showing potential customers what they get, rather than telling them.
Demo from Submerge site
9.1% Conversion Gains
Submerge added collections of video content to their product pages and homepage, using a mixture of their own content, their customers and influencers.

Their core goal was to communicate the quality of the product, and convey the benefit, but through the voice of their customers rather than themselves.

Implementing Clipara saw a 9.1% increase in session conversion in the first month of implementing, as well as 30 seconds extra time on page and a 17% reduction in bounce rate.
Easy wins in email
As well as implementing Clipara on their website, Submerge added shoppable video campaigns into their abandoned basket flows that brought people back to the site.

By creating FOMO, and delivering great more great social proof, they were able to show customers what they were missing out on. This led to a further 15% increase in recovered baskets.
"The team at Clipara were super helpful when it came to advice on the best kind of content to use. It only took 20 minutes to add to our store and get our campaign live.

Pretty amazed by the results so far!"
Jack Niederer, Submerge