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Best cinematic short-form creators

At Clipara, we've become a little obsessed with the video creators leading the way in small screen cinematic videography. Particularly those who share how they do it. Cinematic techniques, color grading, retro effects, slow mos, transitions. You name it, and if it makes a 30 second clip feel like a mini movie, it'll stop our scroll.

Check out some of our recent favourites below, from big to small.

Adrian Per

Adrian Per is a creative director and photographer known for his engaging content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where he blends visual storytelling with dynamic audio elements. On these platforms, he showcases his expertise in film and photography, often highlighting his work with notable music artists and brands. His content frequently features behind-the-scenes insights, innovative use of audio, and meticulous attention to visual details, making his posts not only informative but also aesthetically appealing and entertaining​
Desire is Director of Photography for her own production company, Lacap Productions.

With a soothing blend of videography tips and equipment mixed in with self-reflection, and motivation it's easy to get lost in her content.

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Standout Creator

Karl Ndieli aka. karl_shakur

Just take a look for yourself. Incredible content, and incredibly useful tips for creators.
@karl_shakur, 1.1m
Should you be using more video?
This is one I stumbled upon happily via the algrorithm and immediately captivated me. Such smooth, so vibrant, so epic.

Chris in his own words is a "videographer and photographer creating content to make you feel something - from promotion to inspiration, and chills to thrills".

He's part of the content team for sports teams at Arizona state. Check out his socials for more of the same.
The "Modern Renaissance Man". Gaku is a mixed-media specialist based out of Tokyo. He works around the globe on video, photo and design projects. Much of his Instagram content focuses on effects and transitions, much like the one featured here.

Want to keep people engaged with smooth transitions and effects on short form videos? Gaku's tips are a great place to start.

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