How Yonder used Clipara to create engaging, shareable content about their experience drops

Meet Yonder

Yonder is the epic credit card membership for enjoying the best things to eat, drink and do around town.

We at Clipara have been big fans of Yonder from long before they started using us. They're rapidly disrupting the credit and rewards card industry, which hasn't changed for decades. Your Yonder rewards include curated experiences and regular rewards throughout the year, that you'll actually use.

What makes Yonder special, and get's their customers excited is their monthly rewards 'drops'. An exclusive selection of rewards that are released at the start of each month, announced via email a few days before they kick in.

Everybody waits with baited breath for the news. What better way to create an exciting, shareable piece of content? Video!

Yonder used Clipara to share mini video collections across their customer base - making it engaging, exciting and easily shareable.

Their customers loved it, and suddenly had an asset they could share with friends and family, helping boost their strong word of mouth growth.
Their community seemed to like it!
"Our customers get super stoked about our new experience releases every month. We know our customers talk to their friends and partners about what experiences they want to try.

They had been demanding something more shareable to get the new list of experiences to the person they might use it with.

Clipara was the perfect solution and our customers love it."
Tom, Head of Marketing, Yonder