How Flash Pack drove more bookings by creating FOMO and utilising their powerful short form video

Meet Flash Pack

Flash Pack unites like-minded people in their 30s & 40s on boutique group adventures from The Americas to Africa, Asia and beyond.

At the core of Flash Pack's offering is the places you'll see, the experiences you gain, the people you meet and the friends you'll keep.

Video is a fantastic way to communicate their offering and was already a core part of their social strategy and utilised somewhat on their website.

Since adopting Clipara in place of Vimeo across their site, Flash Pack have been able to increase engagement with their video content, hit multiple key selling points with collections of short videos, and increase bookings as a result.
Demo from Flash Pack site
Optimising for mobile and ditching Vimeo
Like nearly all travel sites, 70%+ of Flash Pack's website visitors are on mobile. For new customers discovering the brand, the percentage is even higher. That meant their previous focus on landscape content didn't make sense.

By switching to Clipara, they've been able to use mobile optimised content that delivers a far better experience to their customers. They're also able to produce and use the same content for social media and for on their site.

Using video carousels, they're able to deliver multiple short videos covering destinations, social proof, and accommodation with customers able to seamlessly move between videos.
Saving development time and leaving the marketing team in control
By implementing Clipara, the marketing team have no reliance on the tech team when it comes to new content. Each time they have new videos, or add a new campaign, they can add it to a particular page on the site all from the Clipara dashboard. They're also able to customise thumbnails, captions, buttons and learn through the analytics dashboard what implementations and content works best.

All of that has set them up to continue to add more and more video to their site, and give their customers the travel discovery experience they're looking for!
Creating FOMO
Video content can play a huge role in customers travel and booking decision making. It shows off the places you'll visit and stay far more than images ever can.

By packaging up this content into small collections, Flash Pack have made it incredibly simple to engage with, and fun! Their customers love it, and are asking for even more content to help them make their decisions. The campaigns also sit on shareable links, so swipeable video collections can be shared with friends and partners.
Showing off what makes Flash Pack unique
On their homepage and How It Works pages, Flash Pack have taken the opporunity to use video to communicate what makes their tours so special.

By showing customer testimonials, how serious they take every aspect of the trip, and the kind of people you'll be travelling with and led by, customer doubts are all alleviated.
"Flash Pack have been using Clipara for over four months now, and we absolutely love it.

We've seen great results of engaged users now desiring video on all of our trips when they're trying to choose which one to go for. It's also a great tool for brand awareness – we often let our customers do the talking for us, and now we get to create Clipara campaigns that do exactly that and have it at the front and centre of our homepage.

Clipara really allows us to turn all of our great video content that we use on socials and elsewhere into really watchable website content. Once they're watching one video, it's a seamless journey into watching the next, allowing our customer's to get real insight into our product"
Liam, Visual & Creative Lead, Flash Pack
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