The Best Faceless Content Banks

Jun 11, 2024
Ben Russell

So you've noticed more and more instagram accounts seemingly having perfectly aesthetic footage for their instagram reels, posts and stories. You're wondering how they're doing it... Then you discover the world of faceless content banks. Simplifying the world of digital marketing for us all.

Not everybody has the time to always be filming the latest trends, or the budget to constantly get new content filmed in great locations with great lighting. Thankfully, a growing group of faceless creators are stepping in to help fill the void. They're filming aesthetic (faceless) content for people to use on their instagram accounts with full usage rights, and it's working for their customers.

You might have a valuable message to deliver, but to get organic reach on instagram, you need to be using reels, and you need to be using content that appeals to a wide audience.

By getting access to one or a few of the growing number of content banks, you'll suddenly have a whole world of content at your fingertips, with almost no effort.

So why should you be joining a content bank right now?

Time and cost savings

For a mere $20-30 per month, you could have thousands of high quality videos and images you're completely free to use. And no, we're not talking about footage that looks like stock. We're talking about footage that looks organic and intended for social media.

If you're trying to post every day, that's less than a dollar a day, with hours and hours of content creation time saved, and better quality content to use.


You'll have been told a thousand times that consistency is key. Both in terms of your aesthetic and in the frequency with which you post. By using a content bank, you can start to craft an appealing and consistent feed, whilst never having to worry about when you're going to get the chance to film some content.

Stay on trend

One of the other benefits of content banks, is that the people running them constantly keep the content fresh - and on trend. If there's a new content trend that's popular and working well on instagram, the best content banks will be filming to meet those trends. It's also important to keep up with the seasons. Don't be posting cosy winter content in the middle of summer!

Want to make your own content bank with Clipara?

If you're doing some research and thinking about creating your own content bank, then check out Clipara. It's the software most content banks like the ones below are built on. Incredibly simple to use without any code, and you can add it into any website builder like Squarespace, Wordpress, Shopify, Webflow with just a copy and paste. If people ask, we tend to recommend using Squarespace - you can see a short video tutorial here. But back to our list - lets take a look at the best of the current bunch of content banks

These are some of the most popular content banks at the moment:

  • The Content Cove
  • Social Stocks
  • My Vanilla Gallery
  • Forefolk
  • Sought After Studio
  • The Soulset Club
  • The Hybrid Vault

We'll dive into each one in more detail below.

The Content Cove

One the most popular content banks with over 80k followers on instagram. They produce a great mix of content and really invest in the locations they shoot in. Great sunny travel content, luxury villas and dreamy interior aesthetics. With a large library of videos, you'll be sure to find something to meet your needs.

Number of videos: 3,000+
Pricing Options: £240 year (£20/m) or £25/month

Social Stocks

Possibly the OG of the content banks with one of the biggest libraries and over 100k followers on instagram, and regularly posting results their customers are getting from their content. They've got all the bases covered - fun, luxury, travel, entrepreneur, fashion. All professionally shot whilst looking natural and social first. You'll need to invest in at least a 3 month membership, but it may be worth it. Social Stocks also has a library for men with over 600 videos which you can find at

Number of videos: 3,000+
Pricing Options: $120 / quarter

My Vanilla Gallery

A great content bank with a lot of focus on dreamy travel destinations and great style. They're newer than some of the originals, but their library is growing quickly. Lots of pricing options for you to choose something that suits.

Number of videos: 2,000+
Pricing Options: $233/year ($19.4/m) or $65/quarter ($21.7/m) or $29/month

A screenshot of My Vanilla Gallery

The Forefolk

A large library of content with some very aesthetic interiors and travel content. They also have content for men too.

Number of videos: 1,600+
Pricing Options: $249/year ($20.8/m) or $74.99/quarter ($24.97/m) or $29.99/month

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Sought After Studio

The team at Sought After Studio have a mix of content with a focus on entrepreneurship and subtle luxury. They offer videos, images and mockups to help you produce social content faster. They also offer a more premium service with content requests and ability to use the content for multiple clients.

Number of videos:
Pricing Options: Personal Membership $42/m or Client Membership $89/m

The Soulset Club

Created by the influencer Anna Maria Muller ( , get immediate access to her content creation skills, lifestyle content and more, and get the full influencer look for just €49 a month. A relatively new content bank that is continuing to grow.

Number of videos: 1,000+
Pricing Options: €49/month

The Hybrid Vault

Full of wholesome home interiors, floral scenes and travel content, the Hybrid Vault is a great choice. With a slightly different aesthetic to many of the original content banks, it could be a great choice if it's more your style and matches your target audience.

Number of videos: 2,000+
Pricing Options: $162 for 6 months or $84 for 3 months or $30 per month


As you can see, there's plenty to choose from. Pick the bank you think provides the most value, has content that matches your desired aesthetic and target audience, and get going! No excuses now.

If you're thinking about starting a content bank of your own, check out

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